Обложка для загранпаспорта "Бывалый" (OP15)

Обложка для загранпаспорта Бывалый (OP15)Обложки для паспортов<br>Обложка для загранпаспорта.<br>Материал: пластик.<br>Сделано в России.<br>Обложки для паспортов
Обложка для загранпаспорта.
Материал: пластик.
Сделано в России.

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Светильник OBI "Кот" на солнечных батарейках

Светильник OBI Кот на солнечных батарейкахСветильники на солнечных батареях<br>Светильник OBI для наружного применения в форме кота. Светильник станет прекрасным украшением Вашего сада, придаст неповторимость и оригинальность. &amp;lt;br&amp;gt;Светильники на солнечных батареях требуют беспрепятственного воздействия солнечного света в дневное время с целью зарядки аккумуляторов. Поэтому их стоит устанавливать в открытой местности. Светильники на солнечных батареях не любят морозов, поэтому при минусовой температуре их следует убрать с улицы.<br>Светильники на солнечных батареях
Светильник OBI для наружного применения в форме кота. Светильник станет прекрасным украшением Вашего сада, придаст неповторимость и оригинальность. &amp;lt;br&amp;gt;Светильники на солнечных батареях требуют беспрепятственного воздействия солнечного света в дневное время с целью зарядки аккумуляторов. Поэтому их стоит устанавливать в открытой местности. Светильники на солнечных батареях не любят морозов, поэтому при минусовой температуре их следует убрать с улицы.

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Джаз 40-х годов (CDmp3)

Джаз 40-х годов (CDmp3)Джаз. Блюз<br>Stan Kenton (1945-46) <br>Charlie Barnet (1945) <br>Artie Shaw (1940) <br>Glenn Miller (1941-42) <br>Les Brown <br>Harry James (1946) <br>Jimmy Dorsey <br>Tommy Dorsey &amp; Frank Sinatra (1940) <br>Nat King Cole Trio (1947-1949) <br>Dizzy Gillespie Big Band (1946) <br>Jay McShann (1941-43) <br>Cab Calloway (1940-42)<br>Stan Kenton (1945-46)<br>Two Moose In A Cobose<br>Body And Soul<br>I Never Thought<br>Solitude<br>On The Sunny Side Of The Street<br>Begin The Beguin<br>Scotch And Water<br>Yesterdays<br>Easy Street<br>No Baby Nobody But You<br>Lover<br>Everybody Swing<br>I Got The Sun In The Morning<br>It s Never Too Late To Pray<br>Who s Got A Tent For RentTea For Two<br>Come Rain Or Come Shine<br>Reed Rapture<br>One Twenty<br>Lover Man<br>Cocktails For Two<br>I Surrender Dear<br>End Of The World<br>Peg O  My Heart<br>Equador<br>Opus In Pastels<br>Charlie Barnet (1945)<br>Sharecroppin  Blues<br>Drop Me Off In Harlem<br>Gulf Coast Blues<br>Flat Top Flips The Lid<br>Southern Fried<br>Redskin Rhumba<br>Lumby<br>Charlestone Alley<br>You re My Thrill<br>Things Ain t What They Used To Be<br>Washington Whirling<br>The Moose<br>Pow-Wow<br>Strollin <br>The Great Lie<br>Artie Shaw (1940)<br>Carioca<br>The Donkey Serenade<br>Frenesi<br>Gloomy Sunday<br>I Surrender Dear<br>Deep Purple<br>Blues Part 1<br>Blues Part 2<br>All The Things You Are<br>Glenn Miller (1941-42)<br>Rhapsody In Blue (George Gerschvin)<br>Moonlight Mood (Harold Adamson-Peter DeRose)<br>Shhh, It s A Military Secret<br>Don t Sit Under The Apple Tree<br>That Old Black Magic (Johny Merser-Harold Arlen)<br>Moonlight Becomes You (Johny Burke-Jimmy Van Heusen)<br>Juke Box Saturday Night (Albert Stillman-Paul McGrane)<br>Les Brown<br>Dance Of The Blue Devils<br>Swanee River<br>52nd Street Fever<br>Harlem Nocturne<br>Harry James (1946)<br>Flash<br>I d Be Lost Without You<br>Blue Skies<br>Moten Swing<br>Five Minutes More<br>The Man I Love<br>Perdido<br>Oh But I Do<br>Jealousy<br>Seems Like Old Times<br>Lover Come Back To Me<br>Why Does It Get So Late So Early<br>Rose Room<br>What More Can I Ask For<br>Keb-Lah<br>Embraceable You<br>Man With The Horn<br>Shine<br>Two O Clock Jump<br>Jimmy Dorsey<br>The Moon Of Manakoora<br>I Don t Know Why<br>Sweet Sue<br>Can Anyone Explain<br>Heatwave<br>I Would Do Anything For You<br>Tenderly<br>Manhattan<br>Just One Of Those Things<br>I m In Love Again<br>Grand Central Getaway<br>Outer Drive<br>Super Chief<br>Jumpin  Jimmy<br>Tommy Dorsey &amp; Frank Sinatra (1940)<br>Imagination<br>I ll Never Smile Again<br>Hear My Song Violetta<br>Fools Rush In<br>This Is The Beginning Of The End<br>The Sky Fell Down<br>Shake Down The Stars<br>Moment In The Moonlight<br>Say It<br>The Fable Of The Rose<br>Devil May Care<br>Tha Call Of The Canyon<br>Love Lies<br>The World Is In My Arms<br>Our Love Affair<br>Lookin For Yesterday<br>We Three<br>When You Awake<br>Anything<br>You re Breakin  My Heart<br>Nat King Cole Trio (1947-1949)<br>Meet Me At No Special Place<br>Naughty Angeline<br>I Miss You So<br>That s What<br>When I Take My Sugar To Tea<br>What ll I Do<br>This Is My Night To Dream<br>Making Whoopee<br>There I Have Said It Again<br>I ll String Along With You<br>Too Marvelous For Words<br>Love Nest<br>Dream A Little Dream Of Me<br>Little Girl<br>No Moon At All<br>If I Had You<br>For All We Know<br> Tis Autumn<br>Yes Sir, That s my Baby<br>I Used To Love You<br>Don t Let You Eyes Go Shopping<br>Ooh Kickeroonie<br>Dizzy Gillespie Big Band (1946)<br>Our Delight<br>Goog Does Blues<br>One Bass Hit<br>Rays Idea<br>Things To Come<br>Emanon<br>He Beeped When He Shoulda Bopped<br>I Waited For You<br>Jay McShann (1941-43)<br>Swingmatism<br>Hootie Blues<br>Dexter Blues<br>Lonely Boy Blues<br>Get Me On Your Mind<br>The Jumpin  Blues<br>Sepian Buonce<br>Say Forward Ill March<br>Wrong Neighborhood<br>Hometown Blues<br>Cab Calloway (1940-42)<br>Hot Air<br>I See A Million People<br>Willow Wheep For Me<br>The Mermaid Song<br>Special Delivery<br>St. James Infirmary<br>Geechy Joe<br>Hep Cats Love Song<br>Hey Doc<br>You Are The One In My Heart<br>Goin  Conga<br>Lonesome Nights<br>Chattanooga Choo Choo<br>Toppin  Off<br>Minnie The Moocher<br>Let s Go Joe<br>Nain Nain<br>Lardy<br>Ogeechee River Lullaby<br>Make Yourself At Home<br>The Moment I Laid Eyes On You<br>I Want To Rock<br>Says Who<br>Общее время звучания диска: 8 ч. 44 мин.<br>Системные требования <br>Операционная система: Windows 95/98/МЕ/XP/2000 <br>Процессор: Pentium 100 MHz <br>Память: 16 Mb <br>Звук <br>CD-ROM: 4x<br>Джаз. Блюз
Stan Kenton (1945-46)
Charlie Barnet (1945)
Artie Shaw (1940)
Glenn Miller (1941-42)
Les Brown
Harry James (1946)
Jimmy Dorsey
Tommy Dorsey &amp; Frank Sinatra (1940)
Nat King Cole Trio (1947-1949)
Dizzy Gillespie Big Band (1946)
Jay McShann (1941-43)
Cab Calloway (1940-42)
Stan Kenton (1945-46)
Two Moose In A Cobose
Body And Soul
I Never Thought
On The Sunny Side Of The Street
Begin The Beguin
Scotch And Water
Easy Street
No Baby Nobody But You
Everybody Swing
I Got The Sun In The Morning
It s Never Too Late To Pray
Who s Got A Tent For RentTea For Two
Come Rain Or Come Shine
Reed Rapture
One Twenty
Lover Man
Cocktails For Two
I Surrender Dear
End Of The World
Peg O My Heart
Opus In Pastels
Charlie Barnet (1945)
Sharecroppin Blues
Drop Me Off In Harlem
Gulf Coast Blues
Flat Top Flips The Lid
Southern Fried
Redskin Rhumba
Charlestone Alley
You re My Thrill
Things Ain t What They Used To Be
Washington Whirling
The Moose
The Great Lie
Artie Shaw (1940)
The Donkey Serenade
Gloomy Sunday
I Surrender Dear
Deep Purple
Blues Part 1
Blues Part 2
All The Things You Are
Glenn Miller (1941-42)
Rhapsody In Blue (George Gerschvin)
Moonlight Mood (Harold Adamson-Peter DeRose)
Shhh, It s A Military Secret
Don t Sit Under The Apple Tree
That Old Black Magic (Johny Merser-Harold Arlen)
Moonlight Becomes You (Johny Burke-Jimmy Van Heusen)
Juke Box Saturday Night (Albert Stillman-Paul McGrane)
Les Brown
Dance Of The Blue Devils
Swanee River
52nd Street Fever
Harlem Nocturne
Harry James (1946)
I d Be Lost Without You
Blue Skies
Moten Swing
Five Minutes More
The Man I Love
Oh But I Do
Seems Like Old Times
Lover Come Back To Me
Why Does It Get So Late So Early
Rose Room
What More Can I Ask For
Embraceable You
Man With The Horn
Two O Clock Jump
Jimmy Dorsey
The Moon Of Manakoora
I Don t Know Why
Sweet Sue
Can Anyone Explain
I Would Do Anything For You
Just One Of Those Things
I m In Love Again
Grand Central Getaway
Outer Drive
Super Chief
Jumpin Jimmy
Tommy Dorsey &amp; Frank Sinatra (1940)
I ll Never Smile Again
Hear My Song Violetta
Fools Rush In
This Is The Beginning Of The End
The Sky Fell Down
Shake Down The Stars
Moment In The Moonlight
Say It
The Fable Of The Rose
Devil May Care
Tha Call Of The Canyon
Love Lies
The World Is In My Arms
Our Love Affair
Lookin For Yesterday
We Three
When You Awake
You re Breakin My Heart
Nat King Cole Trio (1947-1949)
Meet Me At No Special Place
Naughty Angeline
I Miss You So
That s What
When I Take My Sugar To Tea
What ll I Do
This Is My Night To Dream
Making Whoopee
There I Have Said It Again
I ll String Along With You
Too Marvelous For Words
Love Nest
Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Little Girl
No Moon At All
If I Had You
For All We Know
Tis Autumn
Yes Sir, That s my Baby
I Used To Love You
Don t Let You Eyes Go Shopping
Ooh Kickeroonie
Dizzy Gillespie Big Band (1946)
Our Delight
Goog Does Blues
One Bass Hit
Rays Idea
Things To Come
He Beeped When He Shoulda Bopped
I Waited For You
Jay McShann (1941-43)
Hootie Blues
Dexter Blues
Lonely Boy Blues
Get Me On Your Mind
The Jumpin Blues
Sepian Buonce
Say Forward Ill March
Wrong Neighborhood
Hometown Blues
Cab Calloway (1940-42)
Hot Air
I See A Million People
Willow Wheep For Me
The Mermaid Song
Special Delivery
St. James Infirmary
Geechy Joe
Hep Cats Love Song
Hey Doc
You Are The One In My Heart
Goin Conga
Lonesome Nights
Chattanooga Choo Choo
Toppin Off
Minnie The Moocher
Let s Go Joe
Nain Nain
Ogeechee River Lullaby
Make Yourself At Home
The Moment I Laid Eyes On You
I Want To Rock
Says Who
Общее время звучания диска: 8 ч. 44 мин.
Системные требования
Операционная система: Windows 95/98/МЕ/XP/2000
Процессор: Pentium 100 MHz
Память: 16 Mb
CD-ROM: 4x

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